Meal Kits are here to stay.

While other Meal Kit companies pose a threat to your business,


Groctaurant is a Technical Platform
for end to end Meal Kit Operations

Provide Recipes

Earn royalties every time a manufacturer
produces a Meal Kit with your recipe.

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Manufacture Meal Kits

Got inventory? Why sell it as just grocery or
cooked food? Produce Meal Kits to add another revenue source.

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Sell and Deliver

Utilise your brand and optimise your delivery,
getting maximum ROI from your fleet of
delivery personnel.

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You can either opt for a single service
or the entire gamut of Platform.

Take your first step now!

Answering these 3 quick questions will help us figure out where you stand.

1. Do you need Groctaurant's Meal Kit manufacturing technology?

2. Do you need Groctaurant's Recipe Management tool?

3. Do you need Groctaurant’s Sell and Deliver technology?

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